After Dinesty, Sean, Nic, Craig, Cliff, and I decided to check out the new Qoola location on Robson at Bute. This is a small frozen yogurt shop which offers 8 flavours (if memory serves me right; it might be 10) and a bunch of toppings. They didn’t have much variety, and they also require the cashier’s assistance to sample the different frozen yogurt flavours.
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So apparently the VGVA boys love this place. It’s been our post-volleyball dinner location twice already this month. The first time I went, I was joined by Sean, Josh, Rick, Nic, Cliff, and Craig. The second time, it was Nic, Rick, Josh, Fraser, Sean, Cliff, Craig, and me. Located on Robson off Bidwell, this is a medium/large sized restaurant and a fairly convenient location for our post-volleyball gathering. The first time we went, we got seated right away. The second time we went, we were initially given a 30 minute waiting estimate, but halfway through, they realized we had 8 people instead of 7, and offered us a private room.
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Curry Fusion

Kelvin and I stopped by Curry Fusion for a late dinner after watching Ex Machina at Cineplex Odeon. I’ve heard good things about this restaurant, and I was excited to check it out. It’s only a small shop on Robson between Richards and Seymour, and the food is pre-made and displayed in a warmer at the front. Because the shop is so small, it’s not a full service place, and you may need to clear off your table before sitting down to eat.
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