Today, Daphne and I decided to check out Cafe D’Afrique for a super late lunch. It was our first time trying this place out, but we both like Ethiopian food, so we figured it would be a good place for me to first try out my new Foodie Card.

We’ve both been to several Ethiopian restaurants before and we’ve seen that our favourite dishes can be very hit or miss. So instead of putting all our eggs in one basket, we decided to try the Vegetarian Combo for Two ($25.00).

Vegetarian Combo for Two

The Vegetarian Combo for Two comes with the Lentil Stew (a red lentil purée stirred with red pepper sauce berbere, ginger, and garlic), the Split Pea Stew (yellow split peas mixed with mushrooms, onions, berbere sauce and garlic), the Spinach Stew (chopped greens cooked in vegetable oil with onions and green peppers), and the Cabbage and Carrots (a delicious vegetable mixture of carrots, cabbage, onions, ginger root, chiles and scallions), along with sides of Coconut Rice, Azifa Lentil Salad (brown lentils with onion, black pepper, mustard, vegetable oil and fresh herbs), and Potato and Beets Salad (potato and beets with red onion, white peppercorn, oil, fenugreek and fresh herbs). As per usual, the meal is served with Injera, which is a spongy, sour flatbread used to pick up and eat the food.

The Injera was decent, but it was less spongy and more thin than the one I’m used to from Harambe. As expected, for the both of us, our favourite dish was the Lentil Stew. This is what I tend to really enjoy from Ethiopian restaurants. My second favourite dish was the Cabbage and Carrots, although it was mostly cabbage as can be seen from the picture. I’ve come to like the taste of cabbage recently, and this dish was no exception. Surprising, my third choice is the Potato and Beets Salad. This dish was completely new for me, and reminded me a little of a creamy potato salad. I would consider ordering this as an appetizer in the future. Next was the Spinach Stew. Although a little salty, I did find it to be enjoyable. Similarly, the Split Pea Stew was a little bland (it reminded me greatly of split pea soup from a can; perhaps split peas just have a strong, unique flavour?) but I did find it enjoyable. Finally, my least favourite dish was the Azifa Lentil Salad. As Daphne pointed out, it tasted similarly to Quinoia, which I’m not too fond of. That being said, although it was my least favourite dish of the bunch, I still thought it was decent.

Pecan Brandy Tart

Our waiter informed us that the Foodie Card would also get us 2 for 1 desserts, so Daphne and I decided to order two desserts and split them. Daphne ordered the Pecan Brandy Tart ($5.00; famous South African dessert pecan & dates soaked in brandy). I chose the Black Raspberry Ice Cream Cheesecake ($5.00; black raspberry flavoured cheesecake).

Black Raspbery Ice Cream Cheesecake

I thought the Pecan Brandy Tart was okay, but it’s not something I’ll probably order in the future. I found it to be very thick, too dense for my liking without a side of ice cream. The Black Raspberry Ice Cream Cheesecake, on the other hand, was quite good. To me, it tasted like a black raspberry ice cream cake with an Oreo crumb base. I couldn’t taste the cheesecake at all. Regardless, I found this cake to be very good and will probably try it again in the future.

The service at Cafe D’Afrique was okay. Our server was nice, and provided additional Injera upon request. However, he spent most of the time talking to people at the bar, and only serviced our table when we flagged him down.

The only other thing I wanted to note about Cafe D’Afrique was with regards to the Foodie Card. When I asked the waiter at the beginning of our meal how the card works, he said he didn’t know–he had to phone someone to ask. When he cam back to our table, he said it gets us 2 entrees for the price of 1. At this point, I asked two questions:

  1. If we get the Vegetarian Combo for Two, will we get 50% off for the combo?
  2. If we get dessert after, does the 2 for 1 apply to desserts as well?

Our waiter informed us the answer to both of these questions was “Yes.” As it turns out (we were billed by someone else as our waiter had disappeared), instead of getting 50% off the combo, they charged us for a combo for one ($14.95) instead for a combo for two ($25). As for desserts, the card didn’t apply at all. We ended up paying for both desserts in full. I can’t say this is unfair, but it is unfortunate that the rules for the Foodie Card weren’t well defined and communicated. Now I know for the future that it applies simply to two entrees at Cafe D’Afrique. Regardless, although we didn’t each get the $9 discount we were expecting, we did each manage to get a $6 discount and a filling and enjoyable meal.

All-in-all, I enjoyed the food and my time at Cafe D’Afrique. I look forward to returning in the future so that I can try their Yasa Watt (fresh fish baked and mixed in a pungent sauce berbere flavoured with garlic, onion and aromatic spices). I’m also interested in trying their lunch special, which is a vegetarian combo for $8.95 available from 11:30am until 3:30pm.So what else happened today? I went for a run this morning, and then pretty much worked on my thesis the rest of the day. By the way, I wrote this blog using an app called Blogsy–can you tell it was created on an iPad mini? The only problem I’ve found so far is that I can’t figure out how to paste HTML into my posts… Anyhow, it’s 10:54pm and past my bed time (as usual) so I’m off for the night.

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