Moar Meetings

Oh my Gawd, I was so tired today for some reason. This morning, I realized I needed to return a book to the library today… …but I didn’t have time to bus to the library to drop it off. In order to avoid late fees, I decided to run to the library, book in hand, to drop it off. So my 9 km run this morning ended up being my first run in a long time that was off the track. The moral of the story? Hills suck. The track spoils me. I shall minimize off-track running until I hit my 15 km mark (if I stick to my schedule, I will hit it on February 5).

Random note about what I did right after my run this morning? I set up my iPad to scrobble music. As can be seen, I haven’t been scrobbling my music as regularly recently… …but not because I haven’t been listening to it. I didn’t install a scrobbler onto my iPad until this morning. So assuming I use it properly, my iPad should allow me to scrobble my music again. Yay!

Anyhow, I had to walk to school fairly early this morning (I left home 2 hours after starting my run) for a coaching meeting.

After that, I had class. Holy crap class is moving fast. Today is our second class. Next class is our first lecture. The class after that we have an abstract draft due. The class after that we have a draft of our slides due. Two classes after that, we start presentations which wrap-up the first half of the course. After that, we switch professors and find out how the rest of the course will operate. Can you say overwhelmed? I can’t either–I’m too overwhelmed.

I TA’d my first real CPSC 121 lab today. It went okay. Unfortunately, I missed the lab prep meeting last week. Since it’s been six years since I’ve done this course… …I couldn’t remember everything, so I need a refresher quick from the other TA. Fortunately, it seems I’ll be good for the rest of the week and for next week.

After that, came another string of meetings. I had two meetings for Science Tri-Mentoring, and then a meeting for SPAC. An evening of Peer Programs meetings!

After the SPAC meeting, Robyn, Justine, @idm04, and I ended up going to Chef Hung’s for dinner. As usual, I got the Seasonal Vegetable with Noodle in Clear Soup with flat noodles and fire chili soup (I think it comes to $7.65 before tax, plus $0.25 for the fire chili soup). I like this soup. It comes with corn, bok choy, tomato, carrot, and brocolli (unfortunately, I didn’t remember to take a picture). I don’t think it’s anything special, but it is something I could eat on a fairly regular basis.

Anyhow, afterwards I came home and got a couple bits of work done. And now it is somehow almost 11 PM already. FML. WHERE DOES MY TIME GO.


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