The Migraine

So I didn’t blog yesterday because I went to bed as soon as I got home. I had a migraine, and it was getting worse as the night was going on (and when I woke up at midnight, I found out that it has gotten even worse, so I ended up taking advantage of multiple ultra strength Advil liquid gels…). Fortunately, it was gone when I woke up again. I could feel it coming back about an hour ago, but I took another Advil, so hopefully I killed it early on this time.

Now that I’ve blogged at least one full iteration of my weekly routine, I’m not gonna bother blogging about the regular events that happen. I’ll just blog about the things that are different in my day.

So yesterday (Friday), my day started off with two meetings at the Boulevard. First, I had a meeting with Niamh about wrapping up this year’s Creative Science project. Second, I had an SPAC meeting.

ChutneyFor dinner, Daphne, Lu, and I decided to try Dine Out Vancouver at the Chutney Villa which is next to the westbound Main Street stop of the 99 B-line on Broadway. We were seated quickly (we had a reservation but showed up half an hour early), even though they appeared to be quite busy. Although our dinner items were served quite quickly (the next course seemed to come out even before we finished the previous course), they failed to fill our water regularly. I noticed a table had to get up to ask a waiter for more water. Our meal came with this set of four chutney. I liked the tomato and coconut (?) chutney, which were the spicy ones. The other ones were sweet (apple and plum (?)) and I didn’t like them much.

Aachi Varuval Cauliflower I started off my meal with the Aachi Varuval Cauliflower (fried in a crunchy, peppery rice & lentil batter). I thought it tasted quite good, and I would order it again in the future. My only complaint about this appetizer was that it was served luke-warm. I was expecting it to be super hot since it was deep fried, but my guess is that they had made a batch of this and then kept it semi-warm until it was ready to be served. I felt it would be better if served hot and fresh. The Dosa Crispy Rice & Lentil crepes was also really good; the Meen Puffu Seamed Ling Cod wasn’t bad, but it isn’t something I would choose against the other two options.

Fish Curry old style of Tamil Nadu Fish curry Next came my entree–the Fish Curry old style of Tamil Nadu Fish curry (with garlic, fenugreek, cumin & coriander, finished with tamarind & topped with eggplant). Apologies for the shitty picture–I failed to remember to take a second picture, and thus the only one I can present is this super blurry one. The entree came with rice, three sides (which I assume to be da’al, spicy potato, and yogurt), and some crispy type of bread (someone correct me on what all this is XD). I liked this entree, although it was a bit salty; Daphne and Lu also found their entrees to be very salty. The only complaints I had about this entree were the salt and the eggplant (blah, I still can’t get over the slimy texture); that being said, I would still order this entree again despite these points.

Gulab Jamun We ended our meal with desserts. Daphne and I got the Gulab Jamun. As expected, it was a safe pick. If you’ve never had Gulab Jamun before, I highly recommend it. It’s an amazing super sweet dessert. Lu got the Kesari Halva-style cream of wheat (flavoured with pineapple), but didn’t take to the dessert very well. I ended up finishing off her dessert because she didn’t want it. Her dessert was okay, but it’s not something I would order again if I had other choices. Part of it may be because I don’t like pineapple.

This morning I (almost) completed my weekly review after waking up at 7am to the pleasure of no longer having a migraine.

Afterwards, I headed over to David’s place and we drove to Harambe for lunch where we met up with Kelvin and Kelvin.

Ye Assa Tibs with Misir Wot and Tekil Gomen As per usual, I got the Ye Assa Tibs with Misir Wot and Tekil Gomen (well, I usually only get lentils with the fish, but this time I decided to get some cabbage too). Kelvin also got the Ye Assa Tibs, although he got different vegetables with his. David and Kelvin decided to share the Chef’s Choice Combination for Two, which is a sampling of meat and vegetable options. As usual, I was happy with my food. Unfortunately, the other three were not too fond of the injera (personally, I love it, but I also love sour dough bread, so that’s not much of a surprise). However, there were two things I wasn’t happy about with my visit to Harambe this time (which I hadn’t seen before). First, the Chef’s Choice Combination for Two seemed to be a lot smaller than it usually is; perhaps it was because I hadn’t been there in a while, but to me it seemed like the serving sizes were significantly smaller than what they used to be. Second, each bill had $1 added onto it for injera. Sure, $1 added isn’t a big deal, but it’s weird that injera used to be free and now it’s being charged for, and also it’s weird that they added $1 onto each bill (it seems that had we split the bill ourselves, we would have been charged only $1 for injera instead of $3 [$3 because Kelvin and David’s Chef’s Choice Combination came on one bill]). I wonder if these are new. I’ll be returning to Harambe soon for dinner (it still is one of my favourite restaurants), so I’ll hopefully ask the owner then about these observations.

After lunch, David and I went to the Oakridge branch of the Vancouver Public Library where we sat for several hours at a kiddy table (the library was packed, and there were no free seats besides a couple of kiddy tables). David was studying for math, so I went through some online personal development courses.

After the library, David had to run some errands around Oakridge quick before we met up with Rob at Clear One Leslie for drop-in badminton.

When I got home, I started typing out notes from the library books I need to return tomorrow (I will be continuing that process with one last book once I finish this blog post) and then I started writing this blog post. I also found out that my blog got $154 from the UBC VFM this year. Hooray! A $130 profit.

Anyhow, it’s 1:42 AM. I’ve still gotta type out notes from Tribes so I probably won’t get to bed until 3 AM. Unfortunate, because I’m bussing out to Ladner tomorrow morning to pick up clothes for grad photos. *sigh* Grad photos. Definitely making myself suffer over that shit.


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